Habib Farajabadi




Habib Farajabadi (b. 1982) is Iranian and is based in the country’s capital of Tehran. As a self-trained artist, Farajabadi explores abstraction mainly through the traditional media of painting, drawing and sculpture. He paints exclusively with acrylic. Much of the canvas is left raw and visible and not infrequently we can detect exposed amendments or folds on the cloth. His drawings, as his paintings, reveal a moving balance between strong, highly defined lines and soft areas of paint application. Farajabadi’s sculptures are mainly made of wood, on which additional elements are incorporated. The artist leaves traces of his material handling with the surface, so that we encounter nails, scratches and glimpses of left-over paint. These traces of rough editing are intensified by a deliberate input of color. Farajabadi’s work has been exhibited in Iran, Germany, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and USA.

About artwork

  1. Untitled Painting # 038, 2017 Acrylic on Linen
    100 x 80 cm

  2. Untitled Painting # 045, 2017 Acrylic on Linen
    100 x 80 cm

“My determination to excel at my work is what guides me”